Steven Spicer – Photographer

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What We Brought With Us is a series that explores the relationship between the natural and the artificial in the modern, human-dominated world we find ourselves in. The title refers to both sides of this relationship – what we brought with us from the world that was here before (the natural), and what we brought with us when we turned it into what it is today (the artificial).

The series aims to explore both how nature and infrastructure can be at war with one another but also how they can live harmoniously, covering topics like biophilic design and the biophilia hypothesis, the Anthropocene, and the ambiguity in the 'grey area' where humanity's impact is neither entirely natural nor artificial, rather somewhere in between.


I hope that these images prompt your own questions and urge you to explore your own environment and your own relationship to nature as well as prompting further discussions about how we can live more harmoniously as an industrial society with our natural ecosystem which is being thrown even further out of balance each year. This is an ongoing series that I intend to build upon over time.

What BRought With Us

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